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How to Pick the Perfect Bed for Kids

We’re going to share with you a few essentials to making sure your little ones get a good night's rest. So, where to start? One of the most important considerations is choosing the right bed. This can help to improve your child’s sleep routine.

Are you looking for the right bed to help your child get good sleep? Firstly, you need to know what to keep an eye out for when choosing one. This guide explains how to pick the perfect bed for kids.

Think Like Children

Research shows adopting a child-like mindset can make adults more creative. Kids hold no inhibitions so they tend to explore and decide on a whim. Permitting yourself to think like them could make this task of finding the best bed a breeze. 

Buying a bed for kids should be a fun task. It's an opportunity to explore and find one that could lighten them up every bedtime.

Get into your child's shoes and try to figure out their vision of the best beds for kids. What do they like and what would be their dream bed? For example, if they love cars, pick a car bed with gleaming wheel LED lights, car sounds, and real doors.

Remember this─ a charming touch can make them look forward to bedtimes and sleep with a smile. 

Pick a Bed for Their Happiness

Putting kids to bed is a demanding chore for most parents. Studies show parents spend up to 18 full workdays trying to get their child to sleep every year. Imagine getting those 18 days back to spend sipping a cocktail by the pool?! May be a stretch but I’m sure you understand where we are going with this!

Lack of restorative sleep can make kids moody and hyperactive. Proper sleep makes them happier. So, we need to support them to ensure they sleep faster, deeper, and longer. 

Guess what led us to create happybeds? Our son's happiness. Like many parents, we struggled to find a bed as much as he loved his cot when it was time to transition. Despite months of scouring online stores and local markets nothing seemed to come close to what we knew we wanted for him.. We set our hearts on continuing to make sleep happy for him and through our experience, happybeds was created as a one stop shop for children’s bedding solutions.

Consider Space

Bedroom space can be a hindrance when buying a bed for kids. If you have several kids, you may think you need to move to a spacious home. If the bedroom is small, you may avoid some more unique beds and go for a simple one. 

But picking the perfect bed for kids means weighing up all the options. Will your kids be sharing a room? Is their bedroom small? Look into bunk beds if you want to maximise space. A clean, organised, and airy room is a good foundation for quality sleep. A bunk bed with storage allows decluttering and creating a calming space for restorative sleep. 

kids bunk bed

Aim For Functionality

Sleeping means more than hopping into the bed and falling into slumber for many. It's an experience that begins with how you feel before sleep. The best beds for kids should provide more than a sleeping surface. 

Having a super functional bed that makes the bedroom enjoyable is important. Make sure the comfort levels are right for your little one. Adding some decorations can make the bed inviting and change your child's bedtime approach. 

Some fun accessories or attractive features on a cool kids' bed can lighten up a boring bedroom. Kids are explorers and as long as they're awake, they'll want to see or hear something that engages their brain. Add some Bluetooth speakers to their bed for lullabies to soothe them to dreamland. 

Think About Safety

Even the coolest bed still needs to be safe. Certain beds for kids are usually painted with different (and sometimes toxic!) colours and finishes which can cause health complications or trigger allergies. 

Go for premium quality when buying a bed for kids. Our range of European made beds are manufactured using  non-toxic, BPA, and lead-free reinforced plastic. You and your children can sleep in peace knowing there are no chances of harm. 

Also, check out the frame design. Protect your child with a rounded edge/frame bed. The joints and ends should be smooth and well finished. Avoid sharp or scratchy surfaces and joints. 

Browse Different Options

To find the best bed for kids, you may like to visit different stores and see various options. Furniture comes with differences in design, quality of materials, and aesthetics. You won't know what you could miss out on unless you do your homework.

If you're buying online, read other buyers' reviews to ease your fears. Buying online allows you more bed designs and saves your time. You can sample hundreds of stores and kids' beds from the comfort of your home. 

Plan Ahead

The best beds for kids can be costly so the decision to purchase a bed should be considered an investment. Once your kid outgrows their cot, it’s good to look for a bed they can grow with. 

Kids usually become attached to their bed if they love it. So look for a strong, light, and durable design to ensure you get value for your money. 

Understand warranties with the details that affect your buy. happybeds come with a three-year warranty.

Also, consider your kid's weight, height, and growth patterns. Good beds for kids can support up to 135 kgs and serve kids as old as 14 years. Making the right choice could mean going more than three years without replacing or repairing it. 

Make Bedtime Fun by Finding the Perfect Bed for Kids Options

Bedtime can be a joy for any child when you invest in the right bed for kids. Getting quality sleep is important so making sure you take the time to find a good bed pays off in multiple ways. 

Try out some of these tips to find the best bed for your child. Feel free to check out our online store  for some great sleeping options.

Sleep Happy!

Matt & Steph